Today marks my last day working full time for a client.  It’s been 4 months since I started with the client, and it’s been a good time.  I can’t say it hasn’t been a bit stressful, an extra hour an a half each day for travel shorts both the mornings and evenings, and the work has been steady and kept me hopping.

Overall, the client has been good to work with and all the staff here are pleasant people.  This is why it’s bittersweet to be ending this contract.  A work environment is always a good place to be when the people there are people you like to work with.

However, I must say that I’ll be glad to gain back the extra hour and a half on the bookends of my work day.  I’ve slipped in my regular attending the gym.  I hope to gain that back now.  Plus it’ll be nice to be in my home town instead of out of town so that I can have lunch with friends or the wife on occasion again.