Thanksgiving, Day Three

#5) Work.  I don’t want this to sound like a slap in the face to those suffering during the current state of the economy.  And I’m not about to try and blame anyone or anything for said current state of the economy. 

But I can honestly say that I am grateful every day that I can get up, and know that I will go put my skills to use for another 8 hours to provide for myself and my wife.  God has been blessing my company with continued and increasing client relationships, and as such, we are on track to have our best fiscal year ever.  And for this, I am thankful.

I do continue to pray that God provides for those in my circle that are not as fortunate right now.  I know I put my trust in Him and He’s taken care of me, so I don’t know why He wouldn’t take care of others who genuinely seek His help.

#6) A roof over my head.  I can’t honestly imagine what it would be like to be homeless, to have to find a place to stay each night, either a shelter or a makeshift shelter.  Finding some way to fend off the cold/heat, rain/snow/elements, finding sources of food, even medical care.  I never really seem to realize how much I take these things for granted.  Dear Lord, please help me to keep these things in mind always, and to never take them for granted.  For what you have given my, you can take away.  May I remember to trust in you to provide, as I do now, if you do take them away.