Total Recall

Arizona Senator Behind Immigration Law Likely to Face Recall
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Wisconsin Fight Moves to Recalls: 

The Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision allowing a contentious collective-bargaining law to take effect ended one drama—and collided with another.

For months, state Democrats opposed to the law have been organizing a campaign to remove six Republican state senators from office through recall elections in July.


Hmmm…I find this interesting, yet disturbing.  Two examples of WCBSA* mentality in society today.  Let me explain where my brain is running with this.

We have elected officials – elected by popular, majority vote – in office.  It’s their job – supposedly – to make legislation based on the desires of the majority of their constituents.  (Nice in theory, but if that’s actually practiced is another matter).

In the two examples above, however, we see cases of where a sitting public official or officials (and for the sake of the remainder of this post, I am disregarding political affiliations and applying a blanket generic philosophy) have created legislation that is supported by the constituents of said localities.

But those opposed to the legislation, having lost on political and or legal grounds, decide that their opponents should be “recalled”.  The recall takes place during “special elections”, meaning not during the normal electoral process (every 2-4 years, depending). 

So, if what I’m seeing is a disgusting political maneuver in which if one group doesn’t get it’s way, the rule of law and legality is circumvented by the political process of “special” elections.

Wait.  Isn’t that what we have an established electoral process for?  Where’s the legality – and no, I don’t care HOW many signatures you get on a petition – in a recall vote?  Okay, let’s boil this down to a pseudo-generic situation;

Public official member of Party A proposes legislation.  It’s debated, criticized/praised, eventually voted on – either by population or by political governing body – and passed.  Opponents in political party B ask the judiciary branch to rule on the legality of party A’s legislation.  Judiciary process rules party A’s legislation is legal and is allowed to go forward.

At this point, political party B has lost it’s bid to defeat legislation through the legislative/voting process and the judicial process.  Party B builds support for a “recall” of Public official or officials in party A, long before the next regularly scheduled election time.  Why?  In an effort to get Party A members replaced with their own party members so they can then get Party A’s legislation shot down.

Isn’t this essentially a childish political temper tantrum?  If you go ask dad for something and he says no, you go to mom and ask for the same thing and she says no, do you go and ask for a new set of parents because the one’s you have didn’t give you what you want?

I don’t believe recall elections are appropriate in some situations.  Should a public official commit gross violations of law (criminal or civil) or present themselves in a manner that erodes the confidence of the population in that official’s ability to effectively and efficiently discharge the duties of their office, then recall them with a “vote of no confidence”.  But to recall them just because they successfully passed a law that you don’t agree with?  Grow up, suck it up, and defeat them in the next general election.  That’s what the general elections are for.

To bring this home to real world politics, I point to the Wisconsin Assembly.  Democrats are calling for recall elections of 6 Republicans over the recent collective bargaining rights ruling.  Really?  You lost in the electoral/legislative process, the judiciary has ruled that the law can go forward, so you want a special election to get your political opponents out of the way?

I point to a previous paragraph.  Suck it up, and defeat them in the next general election if you can.  You Democrats, however, RAN AWAY FROM YOUR STATE!!!!  You didn’t like what was happening, and tried to stall for as long as you can by hiding in a corner and pretending you couldn’t be found.  Where’s the Republican outcry and call for your recall?  Oh wait, there wasn’t one!  You failed to do your duty and discharge the duties of your office.  Serious vote of no confidence, but you still have your jobs.

Now, before the flame war begins, I’d be espousing the same thing if the political parties were reversed.  I’m just saying it now since I’m seeing it happening now.  I’m beginning to wonder if our entire political system is broken and so convoluted with extra rules and regulations that it just isn’t what it’s supposed to be.

In Christian history, God gave man 10 commandments.  But it was the religious rulers that added so many extra rules and regulations that the original commandments got distorted.  I fear the same has happened to our political system.  I pray for the time when it gets back to what it once was.

*WCBSA = Whiny Cry-baby Suck <use your imagination on the last word>