A dose of randomness

Saturday was a great day.  Got to fix dinner for my fiance on Friday night, then got to go and fix breakfast for her on Saturday morning.  We spent the day in New Harmony checking out a potential new site for our wedding and meeting with an event coordinator looking at decorations.  A trip back to Evansville and dinner with her grandparents.

Speaking of dinner, slight side note here.  For those of you who enjoy shellfish (Greg, this isn’t for you, bub), I tried my first softshell crab yesterday.  Interesting, as you really can eat practically the entire crustacean.  I was surprised, as it’s very tasteful.  Certainly a seafood dish I”ll try again (and it’s WW PointsPlus friendly).  Bonefish has it on special, softshell crab stuffed with a lobster cake, green beans, zuchinni/tomato garnish.  So very yummy.

Anyway, afterwards, Dani and I spent some time shopping and looking for things for a reception.  Then back to her parents place, ending the night with a dip in the pool  then back inside for a little honeymoon planning and popcorn.

Today, it’s church, seeing the MSM off for camp (have a great week, gang), then off to the ShrinersFest Airshow.  And a shameless spending of my WW Weekly Allowance points on fairly unhealthy food.  But that’s what their for, treating yourself and not depriving youself of something you want!  Smile  Plus I plan on splitting the food with Dani, so it’s only half as bad!

Last bit of cool randomness, got a notice from EVPL today that the latest Star Wars novel (Fate of the Jedi Book 7; Conviction)  was available for download.  Pretty quickly too, given that the last book took what felt like a year before it was available for download!!!!  Anyway, looking forward to starting to listen to that book today.

Okay….off to the treadmill?  We’ll see.