So busy lately

I feel terrible, as I haven’t had a chance to update my blog lately.  I haven’t even had time to work on some of my other pages (like pictures and such).  What have I been busy with?  Being sick, and when I’m not, karate classes, church events, trying to get the house on the market (which it is, btw), work, studying for certifications for work, and spending time with the fiance.

So at the moment, I am sitting at a client site in front of their server, waiting for some software to update to the latest version so I can push the client software to the new Win 7 machines they have. 

Last night, Danielle and I made a very good stir fry; pasta noodles, chicken, peppers cabbage, hoisen sauce, soy sauce, and water chestnuts.  Very good  psuedo-asian food.  Tasted great hot out of the skillet.  And now I’m having it cold, as left overs while I’m waiting on the software upgrade and blogging.  Yup, I can multi-task.

This weekend is the Believe conference.  Long drive to Anderson, IN on Friday, but it’ll be worth it.  Taking somewhere south of 100 kids from our church to join over 1000 kids from all over.  Several sessions of amazing Christian teachings, worship, and fun.  I used to think that our church’s Fall Retreat with the middle school kids was my favorite event of the year, but I have to say the Believe conference is a major contender for front runner best event.

No, there won’t be much of substance in this particular blog post. I’m still trying to figure out what I can consistently blog about.  As always, suggestions are welcome.