And so it begins….

There is a hole in your mind……

Wait, that introduction has already been done.  But this is about a beginning.  Or perhaps it’s an ending?  Actually, it’s both.

We met with my realtor last night, signed the listing agreement and went over all the paperwork for getting this house sold.  As of Monday, 4.4.11, this place will be officially on the market.  Our (and yes I say our, more on that in a minute) realtor has a key for the e-box and will be coming by Monday to take pictures for the listing sheet.  Danielle and I spent the morning removing the things that make this place “mine”.  Now all I have to do is remember to keep it clean.  Smile

So, it’s the beginning of the ending of one chapter of my life, and soon a new chapter will be beginning as well. 

Oh, I said I’d say more about calling Mike “our” realtor.  Okay, so the house is in my name, and Danielle doesn’t live here.  But with all that’s going on, it’s nice to have her input and considerations when dealing with the idea of selling the house, looking for a new place to live, us making serious decisions on how we want things to be when we finally get married.  So, although the house is in my name, it’s our house, even though she doesn’t actually live here.  Mike is our realtor.  We’re still keeping our own finances, and our own cars, but we’ll blend those soon enough. 

Btw, Danielle, if you’re reading this, I love you.