A fantastic day….and I didn’t really do much!

So today was probably one of the best days I’ve had in a while.

To start, it’s been one of those days where I wasn’t extremely short tempered and on edge.  I haven’t felt depressed, and I haven’t been angry.  In short, I’ve been up beat, positive, and eager to do what needed to be done.  So there’s a bonus.

Had a good breakfast, got to watch some good tv this morning, then met with my wonderful fiancé Danielle.  We’re starting the process of looking for a new house, so that we can start our marriage in a clean environment that won’t (prayerfully) aggravate her allergies and cause health problems for her.

I like our real estate agent.  He’s come with two good recommendations, and so far has done a good job of living up to those recommendations. He helped us understand our options, helped guide us in the path we should take to get the ball rolling, and showed us two of the houses on our “want to see” list.

Good thing he did too, because we think we have found one that we both like.  It’s floor plan is wonderful, the neighborhood is quiet and peaceful, school district is a good district, price is where we think we can afford it (we’ll know more on that later this next week).  Although we took time to scope out some other properties, we think this is the one.  So now, with God’s will working, this is the one we’ll move to in a few months.

After a nice lunch (btw, Great Harvest has an awesome Tomato Bisque soup and the BEST grilled ham and cheese panini), we scoped out the other houses, but just didn’t find anything that stood out.  On returning home to talk with her dad, he also put me in touch with an auto dealer who is going to help me try to get a new car.

If you know anything of my vehicular history, I haven’t had the best of luck with them.  My current transportation, a ‘93 Mazda MPV, is literally falling apart.  Hole in the muffler, no AC, heater that barely works, and the fact that I’ve already had all the belts replaced and the water pump replace, it’s now decided to start developing a hole (or more) in the passenger side floor board.  I’m just waiting to start leaving parts on the highway.

So the auto dealer had a nice ‘06 pseudo available.  I say that because it’s on the auction list for a local TV station.  If it doesn’t sell on the auction, then I have a good chance of snagging it.  If not, then the dealer is going to help me find something in a price range I can afford to pay.  But one way or the other, I’m going to be having a new vehicle (newer) sometime real soon.

And now that I’m home, I’m fixing chili (cold weather and football food for sure!) and watching the NFL playoffs (GO COLTS!!!), and chilin with my cat.  It’s a good night.  looking forward to Church tomorrow morning, lunch, chilliin, then New Community. 

God really has blessed me today and all this weekend.  Smile  I love Him.