Just some more randomness

  1. Congratulations to president-elect Biden and VP-elect Harris on their (probably soon to be confirmed) election to the Oval office. While I may not agree with a majority of your policies, I am going to wish you luck during your administration and hope you make decisions that will benefit the country.

    Hoping you both don’t get (politically) Clinton-ed and railroaded out so that Hillary (you know she’s standing in the wings waiting) can be the first woman president
  2. Having said that, I must say, Dear Mr. President Trump, quit being a chakaaryc (yeah, go look it up) and let the president-elect’s team into the intelligence briefings like every other administration (like Obama’s did for yours) has done. Otherwise, you just look like you’re being childish.

    It’s more than likely that they’ll have to deal with some sever issues starting next year; pandemic response, failing economy due to pandemic, national security, etc. They need access to up to date information. Give it to them

That’s all I can think of at the moment.