Debating….not really

I’ve been off social media and most news sites since June. I hate the dumpster fire of hate that 2020 has become.

So essentially I’ve been avoiding most politics as a general rule. Not that I don’t want to be informed, but because it’s the most prominent source of hateful vile in society right now. And I don’t want or need that in my life.

I made the mistake of watching just one hour of the Vice President debate not long ago. And that one hour reminded me why I dislike and distrust politicians so much. One nearly every question we were not given an actual answer to the question, and this came from both candidates. And the moderator didn’t even bother to call them out on it.

Add to that there were only two candidates, your two typical political parties, and it’s another way to brainwash the population into thinking you only have two choices. Why wasn’t the libertarian party represented? Don’t the people of the country deserve to hear another voice?

Sadly, that one hour of debate watching ruined my nearly peaceful mental state I’d gotten to about politics and our country. Now to try and get back there. But with elections coming up, that may not be as easy as desired.