Just a few random thoughts

So best I can tell, 2020 is still a garbage dumpster fire: coronavirus is still here; lockdowns 2.0 is annoying most Americans; politics bashing cross the aisle is more popular than a tennis match; conspiracy theories aplenty on C-19 still abound; hurricane’s aplenty; and both Rep. Lewis and Herman Cain passed away (supposedly from C-19 exposure in Mr. Cain’s case). And all this I heard via word of mouth, not by reading any news articles on my own. Anything else want go awry while there’s still a few months left?

To top all of this off, our son decided to have a very not good day yesterday. No nap, which isn’t bad, except that when he doesn’t, he tends to get out of control. Like hitting and pinching his mother, throwing toys at her, saying he likes to hurt people. As a result, he’s lost his iPad privileges, lost the ability to talk to and request music from Alexa, lost some of his toys for a time, and basically needs to reset himself. He did get to go to his swim lesson and have a lot of fun. Which means he also fell asleep in the car by 6:45pm and slept pretty solidly through the night. It’s 6:30 am and he’s only awoken once to come into our room and he’s still out sound asleep with mamma.