Anyone remember Lawrence Welk?

After a day of fun indoor activity, it was nice to get out and ride our bikes, play with the sand table, and finish off with some bubble chasing.

Joked with my dentist that the dental hygienist that cleaned my teeth tortured me by poking me in the mouth with sharp metal objects, shooting me with water, and worst of all, making me listen to HGTV during the procedure. She made the valid point that it’s probably the nicest thing on tv anymore; everything else is C-19 and politics.

Watched Old Guard the other night on Netflix. A very worthwhile watch. I highly recommend catching it I’d you get a chance.

Also finished season one of Snowpiercer on TNT. Remove a few unnecessary scenes, polish the language up, and tone down a bit of the blood and gore, and the story is quite good. If you can handle some of the mature material, give it a run.

Looking forward to my first chiropractic appointment in nearly three months tomorrow. My back, neck, and hips are going to be soooo grateful for this. Be interesting laying on the table with my mask on.

And I just got the five minute warning from my boy in how much more time we get before his bedtime. So I’m outta here to get him down.