Time keeps on slipping

Seriously, how can this guy not be the most wonderful child in the universe?

While sitting and having dinner tonight, I realized this guy will be turning 4 in just a few weeks. 4 years old. I blinked. I was warned not to blink but I did. My little baby that so distinctly remember bringing home from the hospital is about to turn 4. Where did those 4 years go? And what happened during them? I honestly don’t recall major events anymore. It’s all blurred.

What I do know is that in the 4 years since he’s come home, he’s learned to dress himself, sing, talk, get Alexa to play music, ask for his iPad or a show on tv, pick his dinner options, walk and run, ride a bike, swing a baseball bat, climb a rock wall (kids version), kick soccer balls, swim (sorta), and do so many other things. And I know that’s not nearly the end of it. And watching this progression is heart warming and heart wrenching. And only heart wrenching in that I love this age for him, but know it’s gonna end. I also know it’ll keep getting better and better.

The one thing I certainly hope never ends is his need to snuggle up and spend time with me. Tonight while watching one of his educational shows before his bedtime, I just got overwhelmed at how comfortable and wonderful it feels to have him leaning against me and want my arm wrapped around him. And I realized that one of the greatest disappointments I have is that he never got to meet my parents. Because while I was overwhelmed by the love I had at that moment holding him, I so wanted at the same time to be able to spend some time on a couch with my parents, just enjoying their company and a good conversation.

I had originally intended on having a lot more to post about right now, but this kid has just taken over my mind tonight. As sometimes annoying as it can be to constantly hear “Daddy do you wanna come play with me?” or “Daddy, come to the playroom!”, I need to remember that at some point in time, that kind of thing won’t be possible, and I need to relish every minute I can of time with him. And be thankful every day of my life (on borrowed time as it is) that I have that time.