I love being a chair

So, getting Levi to bed is usually a chore. Tonight, not so much. While watching hi YouTube show and eating his popcorn, he wanted me to sit with him on the couch. Where I was already sitting. So I pulled him onto my lap.

And of course, he quietly leaned back, rested his head on my shoulder, kicks his feet up on mine (resting on the ottoman), and proceeds to use me as a comfy chair.

At first, I sat there and looked at the back of Levi’s head and wished I could get up. I had a desire to move to relieve tension and pain in my back and hip. And go get my phone or sit at the kitchen island and just get up.

But then I really looked at the back of Levi’s head, as he continued to press back into me. And I realized, I actually didn’t want to move. I wanted to sit there with him and enjoy the moment. I realized it wouldn’t be long before these moments will become less frequent.

I’ve avoided social media (besides blog posting) and news feeds (no websites, mobile apps, or Alexa provided news updates). And since I haven’t, I’ve been more attentive to Levi and Danielle. At least, I think I have. It’s day two, so lets see how many I can get.

As a humorous side note, Danielle asked me today if I’d seen the post from one of our mutual friends. And immediately chuckled as she remembered I drop out of FB.

Turns out, apparently there’s a report that this weekend there is going to be an anti-police protest here in Evansville. And there’s also a report that out of town protestors are going to be bussed in. This, folks, is one of the main reasons I got out of FB. It’s good to know to avoid downtown this weekend, but I am sick and tired of this hate BS that doesn’t produce any effective results. And I can feel my blood pressure and annoyance level going up as I sit here and write about this.

So I’m going to stop with this thought; EPD/VCS, I support you guys. I appreciate you being around and doing everything to keep all Evansville and Vanderburgh county residents safe and sound.