Almost . . but not there yet


Today is the day that Danielle and I complete the last necessary task before our adoption of Levi is finalized. 

After months of paperwork, interviews, waiting, and praying, Levi is finally a part of our home and our hearts.  Internally, we know he’s our son.  Our hearts bonded with that little guy even before he was born.  Even now I know that this house would be so diminished if he weren’t here.

But there’s this little thing called a court system.  Legally, he is just in our custody.  We’re his guardians, not his parents.  At least in the eyes of the law.  Sad smile

But today, we complete the last final task.  Fingerprinting (oh great, we’re really in the system now!) for clearance checks will be done a little later this morning.  And once those are in to the adoption agency, we can get our final hearing date with the family court to be legally recognized as Levi’s parents. 

We know that in God’s eyes and heart, we are Levi’s parents.  We’re daddy and mommy to him.  He knows us, recognizes us, and pretty sure he loves us.  As much as we love him.  So the whole legal in man’s court thing is just a formality, but a necessary one. 

I admit, the anticipation is incredible.  No matter how soon we get the court date, it won’t be soon enough.  But as with the rest of the process, I know and trust it will all happen in God’s timing. 

I never really imagined what life might be like being married, let alone actually having children.  For the longest time, I was convinced that I’d end up being single for the rest of my life.  And now? Now I can’t image being alone ever again.  I don’t know what I did to gain such favor from God as to be blessed with such a loving, caring, accepting wife.  And now to have our first child?  I can only say this, God is good.