Head, meet desk (or other similarly hard surface). 

Never before have I had such a frustrating experience with a pair of computers.  If I joined the computers to Azure AD domain, I couldn’t get the InTune software for application deployment installed.  If I did the InTune software forst, I couldn’t get them to join the AAD.

If all that sounds like garbledy-gook, it is.  I should have to join the AAD first, then run the install of InTune, same process we did successfully on 5 previous systems.  But today, over and over and over again it just wouldn’t work.

Until I found one configuration in the AAD setup that somehow got changed, and not by myself or my co-worker.  One small little thing, remove the information, and bam, success.  Now that 6 out of 8 hours today have basically been wasted, I might be able to finish these systems by the end of the day.