I’m voting for…….

Sorry, but I’m not telling.  I really don’t feel like engaging in a lot of political discourse, debating endlessly the ins and out, rights and wrongs, dos and don’ts of who to vote for.  And I’m not writing this to convince anyone to vote for a specific candidate. 

Honestly, in this election, I can say that I truly don’t support any of the 4 candidates. And yes, America, there are 4 candidates on the ballot (albeit 1 may not be on the ballot in every state).  Please stop being fooled into thinking you only have 2 choices.

So here’s who I am NOT voting for.  I’m not voting for someone that may or may not be more “morally upright” than their opponents.  Dear Lord, if that were the primary reason for voting for someone, we wouldn’t be able to vote for anyone.  Truth here people, we are all human.  Not one of us is morally right.  I’m a Christian, and no, I don’t say that to claim to be better than anyone else.  As a matter of fact, I make that statement to admit that I’m a sinner, and thus morally corrupted.  And that’s my point.  Every human on this planet is morally corrupted. 

I eventually voted a single day early.  And I voted for a candidate based not on the number of people they can pack into a single venue.  I did not vote for a candidate that could get a lot of celebrity endorsements.  Nor did I vote for the one that got an endorsement from a newspaper, magazine, or news outlet.

I ended up deciding what issue was most important to me; for example equal rights, national security, the economy, foreign policy, defense and support of the Constitution, social welfare programs, education, infrastructure, etc.  I voted for a candidate that to me would best work to improve the issue I decided was most important.  No, that list is neither comprehensive nor in any specific order.  Just know that one of them is one I decided is most important, and that’s what determined my vote.

I hope everyone has managed to vote today, whether it’s for the Republican candidate, the Democratic candidate, the Libertarian candidate, or even a write in (for the Giant Meteor?).  Why?  Because despite our differences in political views, exercising the right to vote (legally) is the one thing that today is uniting us all, as Americans.