The end of a trilogy?

And so I have finally finished the garbage can patio and the first phase of our landscaping updates.  Burned myself out a bit yesterday getting the next to last project done. 


So here’s my area for the garbage cans.  Time to start digging up…and sweating like the dickens.  Sad part, with all the sweating, I got some in my eye, and moved one of my contacts.  So I get to do all this with very blurry vision.  I didn’t’ want to take the time to go wash my hands and reset the contact.


When digging, it’s never a good thing to find this in your path. Yeah, I hadn’t take into account that my cable and internet connection comes right through here.  Fortunately, I didn’t sever anything.


Diligence and hardwork pay off…along with a steady does of Pandora radio and bottled water.


Leveling sand…I’m not exactly sure how much it did to help, but I’m guessing it did enough.


And the final product.  I’m now 95% complete on the landscaping projects.  Just need to get some more edging stakes and put some edging around the front yard tree.  15 minutes work of work, and phase one is done.