Weekly sound off

Just a few things on my mind from this week.  Some, well, okay pretty much so all of them, that disturbed me somewhat.

First up is this story: Hot toddler dad wanted freedom from family.  This bothers me to no end due to the fact that this guy claims to have “wanted freedom from family”?  Some of us are going through the process to provide children who’s birth parents either don’t want them or are unable to care for them.  This guy has what so many others want and can’t have.  His solution is to let his child essentially bake to death in a overheated car?  I’d like to feel pity or remorse for this guy, but I’m not sure I can.  At least he’ll go away for awhile.  Not sure if it’ll be long enough.

Next up is a series of stories about PC being taken too far, IMHO.  First is the story of a school taking zero tolerance to a bizarre level.  You can read it here.  The gist of it is though, seriously, you want a kid suspended because of a military memorial tee shirt with a picture of a rifle, in memorial pose?  The mere picture of a rifle used to defend our country violates a zero tolerance policy?  Someone needs to rethink that policy.  Now, in defense of the school, it does say weapons on a shirt are not appropriate.  So perhaps the boy should have considered that before wearing it, and perhaps asked permission?  But in his defense, it’s a battlefield cross depiction, not like it’s being displayed in an aggressive or threatening depiction.  Exceptions should be allowed.

These next two article that caught my attention have both been reversed, I’m happy to day.  Story one was about two young ladies (military kids) with AF jackets and the AF logo on the back.  They got sent home because the logos violated the dress code due to their size.  Alright, in defense of the students, I’m proud of you for wanting to support your father who is in the AF.  Thanks to him for what he does.  But, in defense of the school, their policy does state the size of logos that can be worn.  Happy to say though, that the school has reversed their policy and the jackets are allowed.

And next, a school district decided to cancel Halloween.  Again, after some outrage from parents, this has been overturned, and Halloween is back on.  But seriously, cancelling Halloween (even though I don’t participate in most Halloween activities) because it’s not inclusive?  Smh.  I understand the PC point of trying to be all-inclusive, but what are we really teaching our children?  That no matter what they should be allowed to do everything, be in every club, group, activity, and sport?  Sorry, but society just doesn’t play that way.   Stop teaching our kids  they will be able to be included in everything.  There are just some things that are out of reach. 

Alright, this next one isn’t about the content of the story, it’s more about the perception of the headline and the way it’s written.  I won’t link to the story, but just read the headline for yourself…

Young mothers more likely to have unprotected sex with fathers of their children

Let that one sit there for a moment.  Are you reading it the way I am?  Okay, the article is actually talking about sex after the birth of a child, but read the headline one more time.  Isn’t having unprotected sex probably the main reason he’s the father of your child?

Here’s another story that I’m not 100% sure how I feel about.  On one hand, it’s terrible that a husband (well, to be more accurate, a soon to be ex-husband)  is fighting for his life.  I can’t imagine how his (soon to be ex) wife feels, what kind of emotions she’s dealing with, the possible loss of her (ex)spouse.  In that respect my heart aches for the couple.  But, on the other hand, consider that he was found at a brothel, supposedly for privacy and to relax.  A man is allowed to make his own choices, but I question the idea of privacy and relaxation at a brothel (no need to elaborate on how I could be wrong on that).  I’m not trying to be judgmental, it just seems an odd choice of places to be.

Last random thought of the week; Saline Nasal Rinse’s should come with a disclaimer that if you don’t like the sensation of drowning while flushing your nasal cavity and sinuses, avoid using these products.  Started trying some to see if it helps me breath better, and that’s the sensation I get.  Not fun.