Who cares about idiots?

Two random thoughts today;

1) Read a headline asking “Was Whitney (Houston) a lesbian?”  this is the “Who cares” part of the title.  I mean honestly, who cares?  Does it have any impact on today’s life?  What does it matter?  I’m not trying to trivialize anything, but the very lovely and talented singer has been gone for years.  Why does it matter now?  Will it change anything in the grand overall scheme of things?  No.  Let it, and her, rest.

2) Michael Moore (this is the idiot part of the title) called Chris Kyle a “coward” because of his chosen career. MM based this on his personal history that his uncle was killed in WW2 by a sniper.  While I can understand (conceptually) his dislike of snipers, to call them “cowards” is a gross understatement.  The courage they have in going into a location, often alone or with just a single spotter, surrounded by people that would kill them in a heartbeat, all for a single shot?  And MM wants to call them cowards?  Let’s not even talk about MM’s own lack of service to the military, bad mouthing men and women who are doing what they need to do to allow idiots like MM to exercise their 1st Amendment rights from their plush comfy multi-million dollar mansions.  I called him an idiot, I think I should just call him a hypocrite and move on.

But seriously, does MM have any real power in society?  What does his opinion mean, really?  Is his opinion any more credible, or right (even thought he’s a leftist),  just because he has a soap box (Hollywood) with which to spew it?  I guess MM is part of my “Who cares” part of the title as well.