Quick rant

Quick rant before heading back to work.

I’ll deduce that by now you are familiar with the allegations against comedian and actor Bill Cosby.  I use the word appropriately, accusations.  There’s been no trial, no presented evidence, and no conviction. 

Recently his former co-star Phylicia Rashad came out in defense of Bill Cosby.  There have now been three more women leveraging accusations against Mr. Cosby.  And attorney (and media hound) Gloria Allred apparently scolded Rashas saying, “Phylicia, you should be supporting these women.”



Does Phylicia actually know these women?  Has she spent a dozen years working alongside these women, building a friendship with them, or a professional relationship with these women?  Why does she owe any allegiance and support to these women?

Is it simply because she’s a woman?  Is it because there’s some sort of ginned up hatred for a man that hasn’t even been convicted of a crime yet?  What possible logical reason is there for Phylicia to throw Bill under the bus and abandon a friendship?

And whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty” in our society?  Apparently, Mr. Cosby is already guilty and should be behind bars.  Let’s forget about trying him in a judicial court, let’s hang him in the court of public opinion.  Burn him and his career from history for unproven criminal acts.

That’s  not our society, people.  Mr. Cosby deserves his due, he deserves the chance to defend himself, in a court of law.  If the charges are false, every person who’s shunned him, cancelled him, boycotted him, and abandoned him owe him a sincere apology.  If the charges are proven true, fine.  Let what happens happen.

Until then, we need to stop judging people based on accusations.  We shouldn’t just jump to defend and support accusers until evidence is presented.  Support the evidence, not the accusers.