The randomness of the day

As I sit at breakfast this morning enjoying a very large hot mocha, I decided to reflect on the random thoughts that have bounced through my head this week.

First, I find it a bummer to be at a local business and borrowing their free wifi and unable to actually connect to the wifi. Well, that’s not 100% true. I can connect to it but it’s acting wonky, so I’m not actually on the internet while I write this. I understand that it’s a free offering for your patrons, so I’m not upset. It’s not what you are in the business for. So don’t get me wrong. That’s why writing this offline and posting later isn’t a bad thing.

I want to thank everyone that’s been praying for Dani’s recovery since yesterday. The surgery was quick, and she’s still recovering. After sleeping pretty much so all day yesterday, I shouldn’t be surprised that she’s wide awake already this morning (yes, she’s been awake since before 8 am today).

My 8th grade D-Group boys really restored my faith in them this past week. For our meeting two weeks ago, there was an obvious lack of preparation, which greatly disappointed me. I understand that there are things going on and times in life where everything seems to keep us away from studying God’s word and being as committed as we want to be. But 30 minutes shouldn’t be that hard right? So after the boys not preparing that week, I let them know that for this past Wednesday, I wasn’t preparing at all for the topic study. And I didn’t. Despite my craving and overwhelming urge to actually look up verses on the topic, I didn’t. (Praying God forgives me for that too). I walked into study on Wednesday with a blank page of notes. I walked out w8ith a list about as long as my arm. And all of it was from the verses they had looked up. I can’t wait to add that to the D-Group blog page.

Since Danielle was sleeping most of yesterday, I took some free time while she slept to work on my Mandalorian kit. For the uninitiated, a Mandalorian is a character race from the Star Wars universe. The most notable Mandalorian is Boba Fett and his dad, Jango. I joined a club called the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Clu, a non-profit charity group that makes their own customized Mando kits (in-verse slang for armor) and raise money for charities around the world. And while cutting some templates yesterday, I actually broke 3 straight razor blades. Okay, so they were older blades, so I shouldn’t be surprised. Guess that means I just need to go and get a good new Dremel cutting blade today and cut the rest. Oh, I got 1 piece of the 6 templates I had opted for cut out yesterday. Still have a long way to go.

Nothing beats a nice warm café mocha some mornings. Yeah, that one is very random.

Head this morning that Hilary Clinton actually said, and yes, the video is out there to prove it, that corporations and businesses didn’t create jobs. Okay, I’ll say it. She’s delusional. Oh, and she’s dead broke, if you call charging $250K a speaking session dead broke.

Atheists/humanists are slamming nurse Nina Pham, who survived contracting Ebola while helping others infected with Ebola, for thanking God that she is still alive. They zeroed in on her statement, “Above all, I am forever thankful to God for sparing my life.” They accused her of not thanking science, Ken Brantly (the first doctor whose plasma she received), or any of the medical and scientific community for her recovery. However, if you listen to her press conference, she starts by thanking them specifically!!! This just goes to prve that you can’t take anything out of context and need to listen to a whole speech before jumping to conclusions. Perhaps I’ll go back and see if I can stomach listening to the whole Hillary speech, if it’s available.

That’s all for now.