Random thoughts of the week

Today I get to help two of my best friends celebrate the newest chapter of their lives.  Congrats to Samantha Morris and Greg Eberhart as they get married this afternoon.  Thanks for being part of me and Danielle’s lives, and thanks for letting us be a part of your day today.

Dear SyFy Channel, 1) Spell Sci Fi correctly, please.  2) Your new show “Z Nation”? Sorry, but I have to say Fail.  Watched premier episode, and just wasn’t hooked. 

Saw the coolest custom costume online this week.  A Star Wars Clone Commando Katarn-Class commando armor kit done for the character of Fi.  Check out the link.  I want to build my own (or buy). 

Prez O was in town yesterday. Didn’t care much, as I wouldn’t have been able to see him even had I wanted to.  Just not into the gawking over politicians, given I don’t really like what most of them do and say (and don’t do and don’t say).  Would have loved to see AF1 take off over my house.  Just didn’t get to be home in time.  Oh well.

For now, that is all.  Off to a wedding.