Most current random thoughts

#1: Saddened, of course, to hear of the passing of such a funny man, Robin Williams.  So many thoughts about depression, Parkinson’s, choices, selfishness/not selfishness.  I won’t go into detail on my thoughts on those, but I will say that it’s heartbreaking to think that a man with such talent and passion for making other people laugh and feel good could have suffered so much from something like depression.  Certainly makes you start to think that everyone we meet may be suffering from something we can’t see or know about.

#2: My office is weird.  I come in, and I’m roasting.  So I turn on my fan.  Then, before I realize it, I’m freezing, so it’s time to turn the fan off.  My cube cycles like this all day.  So weird.

#3: I managed to do a 1.3 mile run yesterday.  haven’t been running that far in ages, and it felt really good to be able to make that distance. Now to increase both time and distance.  Speed, not so worried about.

#4:  Will someone please explain the logic behind rioting?  Some injustice occurs and society thinks this is justification for breaking into stores, damaging property (usually of businesses completely unrelated to the perceived injustice), and stealing things?  How about the logic of burning buildings and cars?!  And heaven forbid the law enforcement actually try to enforce laws and keep the peace without being called names and accused of injustices while people blatantly break the law?  Seriously, I’m confused.

That’s it for now.