00:05, 00:004, 00:03, 00:02 … snip

So, our government reaches a last minute budget deal to reopen before the "debt ceiling/default" deadline.  Honestly, is there anyone out there that doubted they would?  I mean, really, how many times have we seen the timer on the explosive device count down to 00:01 before the wires get cut and the explosive doesn’t go off? 

These "people" (and I use that term loosely and politely for our politicians) could have come up with a deal days or weeks ago.  Someone had to decide "let’s make it a last minute save" deal so we look like the heroes. 

To them I say, no one up there in D.C is a hero.  You idiots all created this "crisis" (and got the lackey media supporters to help perpetuate that myth), and we the people are smart enough to recognize that.  Don’t think you look like our financial saviors, because if you had been doing your jobs in the first place, there wouldn’t have been a “crisis” to avert!

I think this picture sums up all of America’s feelings towards you.