please wait while your government shuts down…..

I feel no sympathy for the government workers on furlough.   Don’t get me wrong, it sucks when anyone loses their job.  But honestly, people lose their jobs daily when businesses close their doors for good.  I think 3 local businesses in the Henderson/Evansville area recently closed their doors for good.  Those people may not be getting paychecks again.

These government workers, will they have a hard time while not getting paid?  Yes, possibly.  Will they get paid once this "shutdown" is over?  Yes.  Because they are furloughed, not fired.  They have a job to come back to.  The government will still be there because the government won’t be able to close their doors for good.  I feel sorry for the millions of middle class Americans that are having hours cut back or losing their jobs completely because of the political battles in D.C.   They are the real victims of the (Un)Affordable Care Act and all the political posturing that’s going on.

As an independent, all I can say is that if a political party in control of one half of one third of the government is to blame of this "shutdown", it must be one very powerful political party.  Or the other branches aren’t as powerful as they claim to be. 

The point of negotiations is that neither side gets everything they want.  Repubs have offered multiple bills to fund the gov’t w/o the ACA, but the Dems have refused to budge.  So I have to ask why and how anyone can blame the Republicans?  And both Harry and Barry have said they refuse to negotiate.  So this seems to be a complete disconnect from reality to blame the Republicans.  The party that controls only one half of one third of our government. 

As I saw someone else say, while they are up there fighting their political battles, they seem to be overlooking something; the average American that is being hurt by lower wages, higher taxes, and increased government mandates.  So glad I’m not actually in a political career.