We’re moving!!

No, not physically changing addresses or anything.  This blog site is moving, lock stock and barrel. 

You can follow me at my new site……as soon as I figure out what I want to call it.  Danielle and I have our own web domain now, dndrub.net and I get to make a subdomain of my choosing for my blogs.

I don’t want to use something as simple as blog.dndrub.net or drew.dndrub.net.  I’d rather name my blog site something relevant to me or to the content of my blog.  Which is generally nothing more than my random thoughts and things I just need to get off my mind.

So I’m soliciting suggestions for a blog site address, something to attach to the front of dndrub.net.  I have been thinking randomthoughts.dndrub.net, if that’s not too long of a address.