And now for something completely different…

Now that the royal baby is finally here, let me start by saying (not that they are actually reading), Congrats to the new parents.  The birth of every child should be celebrated.  I do wish them joy and happiness as a family, and pray the young man will be raised well.

Beyond that, can I just say that I don’t really care, and haven’t cared, about the “royal baby”?  I mean, let’s think about this.  England is a friendly country that has a good political and economic relationship with the US.  But lets be blunt; we threw off the monarchy a few hundred years ago.  I’m pretty sure most people remember that from history class, right?

So why are we making such a big deal about the birth of this child?  As a television host pointed out today, American “royalty” and “monarchy” tends to be our entertainment personalities.  Namely, people like the Kardashians, Beyoncé, Jay-Z.  Other than being prolific in their chosen profession, why do we look up to these people?  Why do we look up to Kate Middleton?  As another tv host pointed out, what has she done other than meet the Prince and get married?

I seriously think that too many of us spend our time and lives living vicariously through the lives of those that are front and center of the media world.  Be they television or movie stars, famous writers, singers and/or musicians, politicians, even those that are famous for doing and being nothing more than a name (Paris Hilton, anyone?).  Society has elevated these people to some level of elite status, and for what?

I honestly wish more people would elevate other types of people to rock-star/elite status.  People like Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa.  People who show real concern and compassion for those around them.  But even they are just human.  Ordinary people like you and me that decided to do extraordinary things.  Ultimately though, they are still human.  Fallible, faulty, broken.  We all are.  Why can’t society recognize the one pure human to ever live, and elevate Him to the rock star status only He deserves?  Why can’t we celebrate the greatest “royal baby” to ever be born more than just once a year (for those that actually celebrate the reason for the season)?  If we want to live vicariously why can’t we, why DON’T we, live vicariously and try to be like Jesus Christ?