Pharaoh, Moses, or Aaron

As I was reading my scripture for the day, I was struck with a new insight into the story of the Exodus.  Not sure why, but it just kind of made me think this morning more than usual.  This may be old hash to some, and to others it may be new.  I’ll just get it off my brain and you decide if it speaks to you.  (It’s a short observation, I promise).

There  are three key players in the story here.  First off is Pharaoh.  He a mean man, arrogant, full of himself, and, IMHO, delusional.  He gets instructions from God (through Aaron and Moses), but yet ignores them…repeatedly!  Here’s a man that, despite the obvious supernatural text of the events around him, refuses to listen to what he’s told to do (let my people go). 

Then there’s Moses.  God speaks to him, giving him instructions to go speak to Pharaoh and tell him to let my people go and worship me.  And what’s Moses’s reaction?  Constant questioning and self doubt.  He has an eventual, dare I say reluctant, decision to obey God, but his trust isn’t in the Lord to start.  He repeatedly questions “Who am I to do this?” and “Why would they listen to me?  I am not eloquent of tongue.”  God finally convinces him by using Aaron to speak in Moses’s place, but uses Moses to speak to Aaron. 

Lastly there’s Aaron.  He gets pulled into this, and is willing to do what the Lord instructs (through Moses).  No questions, no resistance, just obedience to the Lord Almighty’s commands.

When we hear the Lord speaking to our hearts, how do we respond?  Like Pharaoh, believing in our own self-importance and following our own desires?  Or like Moses, willing to follow but too scared of our own abilities and talents to think we can be effective in showing the message of God?  Or will we be an Aaron, faithfully trusting God to lead us where HE wants us, using the gifts and talents HE created us with, to spread HIS word?