An attempt to unplug

Starting tomorrow, my wife and I will be taking our summer vacation.  It feels like it been a long time coming, and even feels more a long time overdue.

Danielle has challenged me to unplug this weekend from my social media.  No Facebook, no email, nothing.  I can, of course, post pictures AFTER we get back, but while on vacation, I should just try to stay away from the rest of it.

I think I’m going to take her up on it.  Yes, I’ll have some electronics with me, stored in the hotel room safe (phone will be with me for emergencies) for the most part.  I’ll use the laptop to sync and charge my Fitbit, and to save my pictures routinely off my phone, but I think I’ll be staying away from the social media until we get back.

At the very least, I may do a random blog post (which auto-posts to FB status), but I think that’s it.  If I don’t answer emails, or FB messages, please forgive me.  I’m not being rude, just trying to focus on enjoying my vacation with my wife.