Re-thinking a position

So, I’ve always though of the Toyota Prius as a ‘yuppie’, tree-hugger, enviro-nut’s dream car.  One of those status symbol items that is more about making a statement about how consciously aware of the planet someone was, while drinking a latte and chatting on their iPhone.

Then I had to rent one.  Well, it’s what was chosen for me, not my personal selection.  Given my slight distaste for it, I would have chosen a Cruze, or one of the other sedan types.  Not the Prius.

I can honestly say, I may have under-estimated the car.  Keyless start,  incredible gas mileage (40+ mpg), smooth ride, low road noise, and spacious interior give this thing a comfy fit.  With no engine noise on startup, it’s a little disturbing starting out, but I think I could get used to it.  About the only thing I don’t like is the sight lines out the rear view mirror.  There’s a big thick bar running across the trunk, with windows above and below it so you can see.  But the black bar breaks the view, removing the seamless view I’m used to. 

If that’s the only downside I can find, then it may be a car to think about in the future.  MAY be.