Been too long

I suddenly realized it’s been way too long since I’ve actually posted anything to the blog.  And then I realized that’s probably because I can’t think of much to say that’s worth writing down.  But here’s a few random thoughts and impressions.

Healthy stuff: I’ve hit my goal weight (again)!!  Back down to my 175 lb range.  Eating smarter, watching portion sizes, and exercising more really do help.  And speaking of exercise, I haven’t been able to run as long distances as I was for the half marathon.  Gotta get back to that.  My goal for Saturday is to run and track a 5K with my Marathon app.  My recent runs have been 2 miles, so adding that third shouldn’t be a problem.  I also joined the Y here in town.  Love the ActiveTrax program.  My own digital personal trainer is a big help.  Much nicer being able to go the gym and have an actual workout plan in hand (literally) instead of just thinking, “Hey, this looks like an interesting machine” and having no guide whatsoever to my fitness.  Plus the resistance training is a nice complement to the cardio I’m doing.

Spiritual stuff: We recently celebrated Easter Sunday around the world.  For many, it’s about a little rabbit leaving chocolate eggs for kids to find.  But there’s more to it than that.  Yes, it may have started out as the pagan worship of the goddess Ishtar (which I’ve learned is pronounced Easter, not Ish-tar).  But I never worshipped her.  I worship my God, who I do believe sent His son to die for my sins and make me a new and better person.  While I can never be as perfect as Jesus, I can try to show the world who he was (is) through my actions and words.  He is my Lord and Savior.  I know that through Him I will see my family again when I pass from this earth.  And I know He’ll help me through everything, provide for me when needed, and love me when all seems against me. 

Home stuff: I love my wife.  Can’t say more than that.  Shouldn’t need to say more than that.  I just hope that I am being the best husband I can be to her.  And if I’m not, I pray that God will guide me and help me become the husband He felt Dani deserved. 

Daily life: Not that anyone cares, and not that it has any significance whatsoever in the grand scheme of things, but my breakfast sandwich this am was awesome.  2 egg whites, slice of canadian bacon, some jalapeno pepper cheese, baby spinach leaves, and fresh sliced avocado.  Tasty.  The avocado made the sandwich this morning.

Oh well, work day is starting.  Time to go.