Back to where I want to be

Holidays are generally tough for most people trying to maintain or even lose weight.  This year’s holiday season (which, for me extends from Thanksgiving all the way through Valentines day) was no exception for me.  After hitting and maintaining my goal weight of 175 for several months, I allowed myself to gain about 10 pounds over the holiday season, peaking at 185 in January

As of today, I’ve gotten myself down to within 2 pounds of my goal weight.  That’s right, I’ve dropped back down to 177.  If I can lose another 2 pounds this week, I’ll feel so much better. 

But as with everything, it’s a combination of healthy and right eating, regular exercise and activity, and making both of these a habit.  Eating right isn’t a problem.  Getting that exercise in more regularly  is something I need to work more on.