Some suggestions

Not sure if these should be directed to Honey Boo Boo (whom I could care less about) or PETA (whom I could care even more less about than Honey Boo Boo).

Here’s the referenced article:

Here’s some suggestions to Honey Boo Boo for alternate names for her pet chicken

Fry, Grill(ed), Tender, Parmesan, Roast, Cacciatore, Barbeque, Gumbo, Salad, Caesar, Taco, Enchilada, Nacho, Chili.

Please, feel free to add you own suggestions.  I’m sure I missed plenty of options.


NOTE TO PETA:  It’s a joke!  Get a sense of humor and laugh, people.  And it’s just a name.  No harm is being done to the animal.  It doesn’t understand or comprehend what “nugget” is referencing, so it’s fairly believable that no psychological damage is being inflicted on the chicken.