I like supporting local small businesses

Today, Danielle and I went for a morning walk with Leah Davis along the Newburgh Riverwalk path.  We just happened to pass the Farmer’s Market.  We swung through on our way back to the car to see if we should come back for anything.  Dani decided we should.

So we popped back over and got some good local produce.  Englebrecht Orchards got money from us for a bag of tasty apples, and a pair of local farms got some dough from us for some good local produce; corn on the cob, a cucumber, a sweet pepper, some cherry tomatoes, and some fresh jalapenos.

One of the other small businesses that got our attention is Bear’s Bones Bakery.  I’m guessing Bear is actually the dog in the company.  Bear is a beautiful, huge, friendly dog, and the biscuits are touted as “People tested, puppy approved”.  We picked up two sample bites, the peanut butter cookie and the oatmeal cranberry cookie for our pup, Colt.  And while at another store, Pet’s 1st, we got another free sample of the bacon bites from Bear’s Bones.  Yeah, Colt ate all three, happily I might add.

And finally, we swung by Mulberry Jeans Accents.  Although they have a wide variety of items to peruse and purchase, we were looking for a good cold iced tea.  And they have 29 different varieties of brewed to order loose leaf teas.

Danielle had (and shared sip of) Ginger Peach iced tea, and I tried the Yerba Chai tea.  Let me just say, totally worth it.  Speaking of worth, the cost of two 20 oz iced teas was about $3.75 (give or take).  Meaning 2 drinks cost less there than at Starbucks. 

And that’s one of the main reasons why I like local small businesses.  Same quality items for a better value.  And it’s nice to know that the money I’m spending is going to a business that isn’t sending their hard earned money off to somewhere else.  It’s all staying here and benefiting the local community.  One day, 6 local small businesses, and we were completely happy with our day.