A tasty breakfast

So, Danielle has been hunting recipes for me over the past few weeks.  I love her.  Smile  Many of these recipes sound very good.

Recently, she’s found some tasty recipes for breakfast casserole “muffins”.  Essentially, a mini omelet prepared in a cupcake pan.  So far I’ve had a cheese and broccoli muffin, a veggie frittata muffin, and a “southwestern” omelet (crumbled turkey sausage, peppers, onions, taco seasoning, and cheese – topped with salsa). 

Now, for anyone who knows that I’m on Weight Watchers, these items have a wonderful points plus value.  2 points for the broccoli/cheese casserole and 1 point for the other varieties so far.

So, for a very low Points Plus cost each morning, I can get a healthy, filling breakfast by having a couple of each variety, adding some hot sauce and salsa, and breakfast is complete.