Accomplished day

So it’s been a productive day today.  I mean, really, how could it not? 

For work, I successfully addressed three, no 5, outstanding issues for my client.  Granted, one of them had somehow resolved itself without any real influence from me.  Perhaps something I did for them on Friday to help resolve that one finally kicked in.  So it was more of a follow up, and it works.

And two of the issues were very simple.  Install an application package on one computer (routine!) and set up a spare computer for a new intern (way beyond routine).  Those were done in less than 10 minutes.  The third was to get an application working.  Granted, it required the complete uninstall and reinstall of the software package (three times to get it working right), but it works.  The fourth was a clean install of an OS and all of the office packages.  Went smoothly, and the user is very happy.

So, why do I feel so unmotivated and unenthused about today?  Perhaps it’s the annoying last task that’s still egging me on.  A system for the client randomly shuts down and reboots.  Sadly, this is something my own laptop experiences as well.  It’s an unacceptable occurrence for the client, which I completely understand.

Problem is, I don’t know what is causing it, so I don’t know how to correct the problem.  Two different types of computers (my laptop and the client’s desktop), two different manufacturers (Dell and Lenovo), and really no apps in common (except slight variations on the OS – professional vs. enterprise).

Diagnostics on his system say there’s nothing wrong with it.  BIOS is updated to latest version, hardware passes all tests, and log files only say previous shutdown was unexpected.  Btw, for all you techies out there, Windows System event id 6008 and 41 in the error logs.  Don’t worry, looking it up online doesn’t really help.

I’ve done just about everything recommended on blogs and support sites, and still nothing.  Guess that’s what’s bumming me out.  Everything else today has been good.