Tomorrow should be fun

Well, I really made a good gafe today.  Nothing too terrible except I feel like I wasted about an hour and half of my client’s (and my own) time.  I had intended on upgrading a client’s server from 200 R2 Foundation to 2008 R2 standard.

This is a simple, in place upgrade, meaning all I should have to do is pop the dvd in the drive, run setup, click a few options, and take the upgrade option.  Easy right?  Wrong.  Well, depending.

The first attempt to upgrade presented a problem when the upgrade option wasn’t available.  After doing a quick search, the first recommendation was to uninstall Service Pack 1 from the server.  35 minutes later, that was finally done.  The next install attempt gave the same results.  A warning that the upgrade was unavailable and that I needed to select a version more recent than the one what was already installed.

Hmmm…Server 2008 R2 Foundation is supposed to be upgradable to Server 2008 R2 Standard no problem.  How can it not recognize that it’s not a newer version.  And that’s when I paid a little closer attention to the operating system install options. 

Yeah, that’s when I noticed that the os version I was selecting was Windows Server 2008 Standard.  Note, not Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard.  Oops.  Seems I grabbed the wrong installation dvd from the office earlier in the day.

So I got time to come home, download the RIGHT version of OS and make a dvd.  And on Saturday morning, I get to run to my client just to put the DVD in the drive.

Oh, and when I say run, I literally mean run.  Not drive, run.  I checked the distance from the client to my house.  2 miles door to door.  So tomorrow morning, I’ll prepare my Camelback, grab the dvd, put on some athletic clothing and running shoes, put the mp3 player on, and take a 2 mile run to my client.  Of course, that means another 2 mile run back.  I’ll put this towards my half marathon training.