Support Technicians–sort of

Dear Dell Support Technicians

Note for future reference…..white goes to white, black goes to black.  I’m talking hardware connectors to motherboards, in case your curious.

Thanks to you, I just spent two hours, and wasted a lot of a client’s money and time, fixing something your authorized technician goofed up.  Your tech replaced a motherboard, and plugged everything back in.  But he didn’t do a very thorough job in making sure it worked fine, because the system kept telling them that the hard drive fan wasn’t responding.  So guess who gets to troubleshoot this mess?

After determining that, in fact, the fan wasn’t spinning up, I had your technical support team ship me a new one.  I installed it and plugged it back in where your guy had the previous fan plugged onto the motherboard.  Guess what?  It didn’t work either!

After interrupting another user so I could compare the insides of a working system with the malfunctioning one, I noted that the internal speaker wire and the fan power supply cables were plugged into the wrong ports!!!  Fixed in five more minutes.

So thank you for wasting my client’s time.  I’m sure they really appreciate it.