My actual complaint to Verizon

As a longtime Verizon customer, I wish to sound off against your organizations proposed $2 "convenience" fee to be implemented as of Jan 15, 2012.

This fee is, from our persepctive, totally ridiculous.  I pay my bill online through your website because it’s convenient.  It is NOT convenient to write a check or withdraw cash and go to a Verizon store, tying up one of your employees and taking time away from my work day or lunch hour.  It is NOT convenient to write a check, spend an extra $.44 for a stamp, place it in the mail, and hope/pray that it is credited to my account before the due date (again, tying up one of your employees who then has to do the same kind of work I can do electronically).  It is NOT convenient for me to allow ANYONE other than my wife and myself electronic access to my banking accounts for automatic withdraw.

What is convenient is for me to log onto your website on my payday (which may vary anywhere from 1-3 days, depending on when the payday falls), and click on your "Pay my bill" link.  Please explain to me why you are charging ME for a convenience to ME, when I am the one doing the work to make sure the payment is to you prior to my bill’s due date?

$2 may sound like a small fee, but an essential $24 a year surcharge for a convenience is unacceptable.

Verizon would do itself well and increase it’s customer satisfaction by reversing it’s decision to implement this unfair and ridiculous "convenience" fee.  If Verizon moves forward with this decision and begins charging it’s customers, it may become convenient for me to begin shopping around for another wireless carrier (which would be a great disappointment, truthfully).