nothing to see here, please move along

Yes, I want to post some sort of new blog today.  I haven’t posted one for quite some time now.  I just can’t think of anything that I need to post about.  Sad smile


I have some thoughts on the current state of our political system, and the economy, and other social issues.  But I just don’t want to deal with a probable firestorm on the topics. 

I could write about some of my understanding on the book of Acts that I’ve been reading, but that would require time that I just don’t have at the moment.

One good thing.  We get the wife’s car back sometime today.  Yeah!  It’s been fun driving the rental around.  It’s the same model of car I own, just a newer year model.  We’ve looked like twinkies in the driveway this week.

Oh, and would love to play Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Just a random statement there.


That is all.

May the Force be with you.