I’m part of the 99%, but…….


To you OWS protesters, I have something to say;

You may be part of the 99% (not a catchy slogan, btw).  I too am a member of the 99%.  And frankly, I don’t care.  And don’t you for one second think that you speak for me.  You may BE part of the 99%, but you don’t SPEAK for the entire 99%.

Is there income inequality in America?  Sure.  Some people are bound to do better than others.  Why?  Because some people work harder, are naturally smarter, or more inventive, or more creative, and yes, more deceptive.  But they made their money.  Key words in that last sentence; made, their.  Steve Jobs & Bill Gates started their mega companies from very humble beginnings.  I don’t begrudge them for having wealth.   Guess what?  I bet you’re holding an iPhone or a Macbook or a Windows laptop.  Thanks for supporting those evil corporations while sucking down your yuppie Starbucks coffee (which I happen to enjoy myself).

And I don’t begrudge corporations and banks for making money.  Guess what?  That’s what they are in business for!!!!  That’s their GOAL!!!!

And where did this inane idea come from that a CEO should be making the same amount of money as a lowly clerk or receptionist?  Why on earth should a CEO who works 60-80 hours a week, possibly across multiple time zones and international boundries make the same lowly wages as a guy who flips the burgers behind the counter?  Not even the same level of competency or responsibility.

We as Americans expect to be compensated better for more responsibility, more dedication to our work(place).  If someone is going to be given more responsibility, required to work more hours, handle much more sensitive information, or handle public relations, and not get compensated with higher pay/benefits, then why would anyone strive for that position? 

All you OWS people are encouraging is a society of mediocrity.  We are supposed to be an exceptional people.  And we are.  So don’t think you speak for me as a member of the 99%.

And to those of you in the 1% who stand with the protesters, I saw this; you will gain much more credibility in your position when you take that millions that you earned (through capitalism, I might point out) and start writing checks to just about everyone you see so that they have an equal amount of money.  Do that until your fortune (ie bank accounts) is depleted to match the average amount of money in the bank accounts of the 99%. 

If you’re so upset that you aren’t being taxed enough, there’s a really easy solution.  Write a kriffin large check to the government on your own.  But don’t assume you speak for the entire 1% that you’re a member of.  and I’m not talking about giving to charities, I mean write a huge check that depletes your checking account to what my yearly salary is.  I’m sure the current administration will enjoy it. 

And no, I don’t care that you give to charities already.  Guess what?  You still have more money than most normal people.  What percentage of your earnings and savings does your charitable contributions equate to?  If you still have more than a million in assets, I’m guessing it ain’t a lot.  I’ll tell you the same thing; if you have too much money, write Uncle Sam a big fat check.  He’ll appreciate it.  And if you do think you have too much money, then quite making movies/music/tv for those million dollar paychecks.  Take a wage of the lowly key grip, or best boy, or second assistant to the assistant director of the 2nd photography unit.  Until then, your words hold no weight to me.

I think that’s it for now.


May the Force be with You.