Disappointments and smiles

Well, we had a great time at our reception on Friday night. It was good to spend time with friends and family and share memories of our wedding and honeymoon.

Of course, it got slightly tempered by my spraining my ankle later that night.  One day before the half marathon that I’d been so looking forward to doing with my sister, and I blow out my ankle.  The swelling on Saturday made it look a lot worse.  No fun.

I was glad to see my sister able to do the half marathon on Sunday though.  We met her at different locations along the route and cheered her on.  She did great.  Official time of 2:55:19. Wish I could have done it in that amount of time.  Next year.  And I’ll run it next year too.  The whole thing.  That’s my goal.


That is all.  May the Force be with you.