Just an odd observation


I’m not much of a wrestling fan.  Truthfully, I haven’t enjoyed it ever, although I did have a small bout of watching it awhile back.

However, I would like to make an observation.  Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock), who was a pretty entertaining wrestler, turned out to be a not so bad film actor.  Sure, he’s no Carey Grant or Jimmy Stewart, but he’s not a bad actor.

Can’t really say much for WWE’s Kane.  WWE’s Goldberg isn’t too bad of an actor either.  I remember him in Universal Soldier: The Return, and he wasn’t too bad.  But the one former WWE star I’m most impressed with right now is Edge.

I noted today that he has a main line credit on SyFy’s original series Haven.  Quick spoiler, his trouble is that he’s a bullet magnet.  Smile  That’s a weird trouble to have.  But he’s doing a really good job with his character, the writing for the show is well done, and the characters are developing nicely.  I hope SyFy keeps this one around.  And I like Edge’s character too.  I’m glad to see he has a recurring title credit now.


That is all.