Selfish thoughts

This morning, as I was preparing to get a shower, I took a moment to put my contacts in (what I call “putting in my eyeballs”).  I had a brief thought about how nice it would be to be able to get laser correction surgery or just have a new pair of eyes grown for me.

I suddenly realized how incredibly selfish a thought that was.  I was seriously wishing for a new pair of eyes when I can still see with these?  I realized how blessed I was.  There are people who will never see God’s glory in a morning sunrise, or see the beauty of His creation in a giant tree, or glimpse His power in a distant thunderstorm. 

I got to thinking about my hearing (I suffer tinitus, so the constant ringing is frustrating).  Yet I can still hear.  I love to hear my fiance tell me she loves me.  I awake to the sounds of the God’s nature as the morning starts.  But there are many others who can no longer hear, or have never been able to hear, the beautiful refrains of a well-performed Beethoven, the laughter of a child, or the prayers and requests of a friend in need.

I have a constantly stuffed up nose, which isn’t usually too bad.  But I still draw breath.  I can get on a tread mill or on the road and walk/run a half marathon.  Yet many require inhalers or daily medications to breath correctly.  Many others require (for whatever reason) an O2 tank to be with them at all times, and are restricted on what they can do and where they go.  And sadly, many others are bed-ridden, completely dependent on a ventilator to provide such a basic life function as drawing breath.

I possess all 5 of my senses, a command of my mental facilities, and an improving health.  And I realize that I am blessed with so much in just those small little things that I take for granted.

As Solomon asked for wisdom to rule his people justly and rightly, and was then blessed by God with the riches he did not ask for, I ask God for the wisdom to appreciate what I do have, and not to dwell on the things I don’t.  Paul suffered from a pain that he was happy to have because in suffering it, he was able to show God’s greatness.  Let me see my “defective” senses as a blessing from God.