My butt…….

Okay, now that I’ve gotten your attention with the post title, let me explain why it’s titled as it is……

This is a quote from a article “9 Things you shouldn’t say to your child”; “Threats of hitting have been found to lead to more spanking — which itself has been proven to be an ineffective way to change behavior.”

To which I respond, “My butt!”  No, I mean that, my butt. It hurt a lot when I got spanked.  And I got spanked plenty of times growing up.  I learned not to do things because my butt hurt when I did things I shouldn’t.

Now, to be honest, my parents did NOT beat me, bruise me, harm me, or in any way mistreat me by spanking me.  I honestly think the worst part of the spanking was the sound of the paddle or the belt hitting my tookus.  But memory servers that my can was tanned enough that literally, I couldn’t sit down.

So, when I hear “parenting experts” say spanking is an ineffective way to change behavior”, I just want to look at them and say, “Whatever.”  At the moment, I believe that when it comes to parenting, “one size doesn’t fit all”.  What worked for me and my family may not work for yours, and what works for your family may not work for mine.  Don’t try to dictate to me how I should and shouldn’t punish my kids, and I won’t try to dictate to you. 

When I want  advice on how to raise my kid, I’ll ask for it and seek it out myself.  And if my child doesn’t respond to spankings, it isn’t because you told me so, it’s because my child has other issues.  And I’ll deal with it.

End of rant.  May the Force be with You.