Is it bad this feels normal?

Okay, so as much as I’m looking forward to getting “unplugged” while on my honeymoon, I honestly hadn’t realized how addicted/dependent/attached-to-the-hip I am to my internet.

My service died on Friday.  After a troubleshooting call to Insight, it was determined a tech should be out Saturday morning to check on and correct the problem.

They called to confirm someone was home while I was indisposed in the ‘fresher (you SW geeks know what that is, for all you other Earthlings, it’s the bathroom).  So I missed the call.  I immediately called back, and after waiting 20 minutes on hold, managed to talk to someone and tell them yes I was available and please come out.

they told me the WOULD be able to make it during the pre-scheduled time (ie before noon).  At 1:30 I called to say no one had called at all.  I was told the ticket was still open and that they’d see when the technician could come out.  She said I’d have a call back in about 30 minutes. 

At 4 pm, after no call, I left to go do things and not keep my life on hold.

This am, I called, complained rather obnoxiously about the lack of customer service I received.  I also got told the ticket had gotten cancelled due to no one answering the verification call.  Thankfully, I have learned patience.  A few calming breaths and I didn’t bite the support reps head off.  After some vocal wrangling, he promised a tech would be out today.  He also credited me some money for being offline for 2 days.

8:15, I get a verification call.  less than 5 minutes later, the tech was at the door.  Seems a control box of some sort out on the utility pole had gotten fried.  He showed it to me, and he was surprised I was getting anything (cable HD channels were getting spotty).  I looked at it, and was surprised by it’s condition.

After about 30 minutes, cable was back on and internet was (and still is) working fine.  I’m grateful for their attention this morning, but the delay will go into a file somewhere (okay, a mental file) for future reference.   In their defense though, this is the first bad experience I’ve had with Insight, and I’ve been a customer for many years.  We’ll see how heavily it weighs on any future ISP/cable service provider issues.

That is all.  May the Force be with you.