What’s up with the DC universe?  For that fact, not just DC, but comics in general (or the movie adaptations thereof). 

First, we have the makers of the GI Joe (A real American hero) movie turn our team of specialists from an American force to an international team.  Uh, is it me or should the purists revolt here?  Okay, it wasn’t that great of a movie, but rebooting a franchise with the Joe’s history doesn’t mean you should change it like that!  I don’t mind diversity and celebrating diversity in film, but don’t we have a diverse AMERICAN military already?  Why did the traditionally American Joe’s have to become an international team?  The only real international team we have in modern society are UN Peacekeeping forces, and I’m fairly sure they don’t have any special units that well trained.

Somewhere in this terrible timeline, someone had Peter Parker and Mary Jane go splitsville.  their marriage apparently never happened.  Really?  Did the writer just really dislike the idea of marriage that much that everyone’s favorite teen geek hero had to lose his dream girl and become a free agent?

Next, some yoyo at DC decided to update WW’s look.  So they change WW’s outfit and remove her star spangled trappings for a newer, “hipper” look.  Okay, I like the change from hot pants to actual pants, and the jacket isn’t a bad look.  But really, taking away her colors is just wrong.

Next, the Man of Steele rejects his American citizenship.  Now, I’ve been told by a fan of DC and Sups that this has happened before, so I really shouldn’t be surprised.  But Sups has fought for truth, justice, and the American way.  Perhaps I’ll understand better if we define what “the American Way” really is.  I define it as compassion, honor, liberty, and justice.  Okay, not a real deep definition, but I can go into that later.

Now, I’m seeing a news report that DC is having Sups and Lane split!  Well, not even really splitsville.  This is apparently a “reboot” of the franchise, and it looks like Sups and Lane never even got together.  What?!  The guy kids want to be (really, who DIDN’T want to be Superman?), who got the girl and saved the world, now no longer gets the girl?  Sups is virtuous and committed to Lane (who he married and was married to for 14 years!)  What’s next, Sups having revolving relationships?  DC, if you even start having the last icon of virtuosness having non-committed, non-married relationships, expect a serious backlash.  There’s a large portion of the population that would like to see someone reflect our values.

anyway, rant over.  Back to work.