Hacked…I think

So, I have been gone out of town for two days.  When I left, my internet was working fine.  Today, I try to get on and I get this;


So I call Insight. I leave a message with the abuse hotline.  Supposedly I’ve been locked out for accessing copyrighted material.  ????

they call me back, and advise me that on June 27th, someone used my network to download, using torrent software, copyrighted material.  Uh, supposedly an adult movie??!?!  Excuse me?


That’s my schedule on the day someone downloaded copyrighted material.  Exactly WHEN during that period would I have been able to do this?  And why would I be downloading that kind of trash in the first place?!  I WOULDN’T.  

1) Too many people would be disappointed in me if I did do that.  2) My fiance wouldn’t be my fiance anymore I’m sure if I were downloading adult content, 3) the only computer I could do that on is my work computer, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want that on my work computer in the first place, and 4) I don’t have any torrent software installed on my computer!!

Needless to say, this is frustrating.  On a network that doesn’t broadcast it’s SSID, and with 128-bit encryption, someone still managed to get onto my network?  What do I have to do, go and put the MAC filtering back on as well?

All of this wouldn’t be much of an issue or frustrating if it weren’t so absurd.  And when I open IE9 and go to my homepage (www.bing.com), I still see this;


Even after deleting my browsing history and temp internet cache files, my search engine is blocked.  Talk about barvy (go look it up if you need to figure out what that word means).