Awesomeness making progress

So, not only was yesterday me and Danielle’s weigh in day for Weight Watchers, we completed the Weight Watchers Walk It Challenge 5 K on Sunday.

It was fun, and Danielle allowed me to go walk at my pace while she walked at her pace.  I was a little faster.  Not by much though. 

I completed the walk in 48:15, and Danielle completed it in 58:15.  And man, did it feel good.  Now my next goal is to actually run a whole 5 K.  And I’ve gotten a lot of supporting comments already on that. 

Last night, we both went to weigh in.  Last week, I lost a total of 2.8 pound, for a total loss so far of 9.4 pounds.  I missed making my 5% weight loss goal by just .6 pounds!!!  Nuts.  However, I’m very proud of Danielle, because she lost 2.4 pounds, and that pushed her slightly over her 5% weight loss goal.

By next week, I will have lost enough to hit my 5% goal, then it’s off to hitting that 10% goal.