Okay, so I’m back on Weight Watchers, and last week I lost 2.6 pounds.  Pretty good, if I do say so myself.  And that’s just from eating right.  Looking forward to weighing in on Tuesday to see what I’ve done this week.

What I need now is my motivation to get on the tready (or outside again) and go walking!  Last time I tried to walk on my treadmill, the circuit kept tripping every 4-5 minutes.  Couldn’t figure out why, but I obviously wasn’t getting a good workout if I had to keep stopping every few minutes to reset the circuit.  Now that the weather is nice (minus the rain, when it decides to let up), I can get back outside and walk my 3 mile path and see how it goes.

But I really need the motivation.  There’s a Weight Watchers sponsored 5K in a few weeks that Danielle and I want to walk in.  That shouldn’t be a problem, I can do that easily w/o much training.  It’s the Evansville Half Marathon in October that I want to prep for.  My sister, Dani, and I are wanting to walk/run it all together.  And of course, that means I need to build up my running capability. 

And somewhere along the way, my desire to get more serious in my karate training is kicking back in as well.  Need to start doing my katas at home in the mornings, keep myself in practice and in a mental state of constant improvement. 

Okay, so that’s my goal.  Let’s see how well I can achieve it.